The design and innovation of the Vertical Forest

There is no city in Italy that equal to Milan in terms of the innovation that is happening, keeping it in step with modern times a bringing an ancient city into the modern age, the most important of which, for the city, is the Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest.

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In 2014, the Isola neighborhood had attention drawn to it and was upgraded by proxy because of this building, which completely revolutionized and innovated the neighborhood, creating a lot of talk about it. There is nothing like it in Italy, it is so special and fascinating that it even won the prize for "Best Architecture in the World" in 2015, when there were buildings like the One World Trade Center in New York competing for the prize.

The Vertical Forest made it possible to start the process of densification of nature within the city, developing a growth of plants and shrubs vertically. Just to give you an idea ... there are 800 trees, 4.500 shrubs and 15.000 plants! The Vertical Forest has enough trees on the outside to cover a surface of 20.000 square meters!

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Besides the aesthetic aspect, it is undeniably a beautiful building, but we must not forget the environmental advantages! It produces moisture and oxygen and above all it was designed with the intention to absorb CO2 and fine dust.

There was a lot of work and about two years behind the cultivation of the plants that were then brought and planted in the Vertical Forest. Now this has become an important symbol of sustainable change and innovative possibilities. Furthermore the plants need a lot of attention and maintenance, especially those that are located on the outside of the building and they do not use chemical agents, only natural solutions, like ladybugs, bats or butterflies! There is also a water recycling system that allows you to irrigate the plants using the gray water that is produced by the building. Plants receive water through a drip irrigation system. In short ... everything has been thought of, to the last detail!

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But who created the beautiful and innovative Vertical Forest? It was the architect Stefano Boeri who declared “I never had a great passion for greenery. Instead I have a passion and an obsession with trees. I think of them as individuals. I tried to understand if you could imagine an architecture that saw trees not as an ornament but as a constitutive element. A tree house “. We love this statement because it shows how love for something (or a city!) can create and produce wonderful things!

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The price of the apartments in the Bosco Verticale are not exactly cheap .. they can even reach 15,000 euros per square meter. So mainly rich football players and artist live there! But, even if you can't afford to buy an apartment here, there is still a way to see and experience them. If you want to live an unforgettable experience and spend one or more nights in the apartments of this building, it is possible to book a night one! To us it seems a wonderful opportunity, it can be a good idea for a special occasion or an important day!

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With our Tour Quiz Milan: city of the future we spend some time in this area to admire this building in all its beauty and discover even more about it.

Milan is truly a city of the future, a city in continuous evolution, in step with the times and, sometimes, is even ahead of them!

Written by Daisy Spanton

Special thanks for the photos to Dimitar Harizanov (cover photo), Giovanni Nardi and Paolo Rosselli