Mission Bongiz

Mission Bongiz

15 EUR

Experience an adventure with your whole family along the streets of Milan, discovering some of its most mysterious and fascinating places, accompanied by magical characters: the Bongini!

Duration: 2.5  hours
Distance : 3 km
Available in English, Italian, Russian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • An activity perfect for the whole family
  • Solve games and puzzles together
  • Journey through time, from the Ancient Romans, the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • Quizzes and fun activities
  • Unicorns, mermaids and other mythological animals
  • A secret garden
  • Close encounter with the Devil (but no fear, and harmless!) ... and many other mysteries, waiting to be solved!


We know exactly what to do in Milan!

Welcome to Mission Bongiz, a tour and activity for the imaginative! The journey begins in one of the oldest places in Milan, Piazza Mercanti , where you will meet the Bongini and learn to stay away from the Klanbukans and all the evil things they bring with them. The Bongini will take you to the city's famous squares and you will see unusual sculptures, hidden corners and places rich in history and charm. Along the way you will be tested, so stay sharp! You will need to solve themed riddles, and puzzles, moving from stage to stage between curiosities, stories and legends!

Who are the Bongini and Klanbukani? Why are they in our world?

Is there really a "miraculous chapel"? Where is it?

Why does Milan have a "Devil's column"? What is your story?

These are just some of the questions you will find answered as you follow the stages of the mission. You will get to know some very famous attractions of Milan, but also hidden and little known places like the ruins of the Imperial Palace, the splendid church of San Maurizio (considered the "Sistine Chapel of Milan"), the silent Aristide Garden Calderini ... Mission Bongiz is a route designed specifically for children and families who want to get to know Milan in the best possible way: playing and having fun! Questions, games, crosswords, words finds and riddles will put you to the test until the final stage. During the mission the children will rediscover, thanks to the Bongini, the importance of imagination and creativity in a world where everything seems to be based on technology.

Our tours are fun and interactive. We start you of at the beginning of the tour quizz with a guidebook and a map to set you on your way! From here you will start the tour, following the map and reading the guidebook as you go as well as answering to questions or completing the activities on the way!

You can take and easy pace or complete it as quickly as you want! At the end of the tour we will meet you and reward to winners, depending on how many groups are participating. This is a great way to get a know a city like a local, to learn about a city and because it is so interactive it keeps you on your toes!

This path is inspired by the book by the writer Carol Romanis and created in collaboration with manoxmano Milan

We recommended this tour for families with children aged 6-10.

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Starting point

Piazza dei Mercanti

Finishing point

Parco Sempione

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