Old Town

Old Town

25 EUR

Are you a tourist who wants to discover all the most beautiful and interesting places in Rome? This Tour Quiz it's the right way to do it!

Duration: 2.5  hours
Distance : 4 km
Available in French, Italian, Russian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • Roman history
  • Hidden Gems
  • Discover ancient Roman remains and buildings
  • 100% made by and supporting locals


Looking for the best places to visit in Rome? Try our experience, a treasure hunt to see the must-see sights of the city with a fun and unique quiz tour. Walkthrough buildings, squares and churches while looking for answers to our quiz and activities we propose you. 

  • Discover the top sights and secret corners
  • Explore the city with your team 
  • Visit places advised by locals
  • Enjoy a feeling of freedom while you guide yourself through the city
  • Perfect way to explore the city having little time 

The tour starts at Pincio, where there is one of the most romantic and amazing views of the city. And it goes through the most iconic and traditional places in the city like Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti, Via Margutta and many others. 

This tour quiz is a treasure hunt of Rome, organised around culture and history and is a fun, playful and unconventional way to get to know the city, created by locals who know Rome like the back of their hand! At the beginning of the activity, we will meet you and you will receive the necessary materials for your hunt. The material that you need is a map with the route, a booklet which contains interesting stories and information and a wristband - so you can recognise the other treasure hunters! We will then leave you and your team, using your map, to follow the clues laid out for you to find the answers to the questions.

Since it's a competition you will have to try to be as fast as you can to gain more points and, of course, try to answer correctly to most of the questions we propose you. 

At the end of the tour we will meet again to see your answers and understand which is the winning team! 

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Starting point

Salita del Pincio

Finishing point

Via Margutta

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