The History and Murals of Ortica

The History and Murals of Ortica

25 EUR

Would you like to discover the murals among the most beautiful in Milan and learn about the stories and interesting curiosities of one of the most characteristic suburban areas of the city? Come and take the quiz tour in Ortica with us!

Duration: 2  hours
Distance : 5 km
Available in Italian, Russian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • Interactive and fun experience
  • 100% outside the traditional tourist routes
  • Discover the world's first open-air art district


Who says Milan is grey and sad? In the last few years, Milan has exploded with colour and life. A beautiful place near Milan, a suburb of, Ortica is a wave of colour because of the street art that is invading entire neighbourhoods, creating real open-air art galleries for everyone to discover and photograph. One of the districts most affected by this wave of colour is Ortica, one of the most interesting suburbs of Milan. It still retains the dimension of a town and holds many curiosities and goodies to be discovered!

Did you know:

That the famous Martinitt, the institute that hosted the orphans, was right here?

That one of the busiest dance halls in Milan is here?

That Ortica is a neighbourhood in full redevelopment and it hosts interesting and different initiatives: from the former Richard Ginori complex which has become a unique and characteristic residential area to the old farmhouse that invites the Milanese to grow a vegetable garden and attend parties and concerts?

These are just a few of the curiosities that you can discover with our tour quiz. But it doesn't end here! The Ortica quarter, thanks to "ORME Ortica Memoria" is becoming a large open-air art show that tells the story of the Italian twentieth century, born in 2017, the project foresees the realization of 20 murals, a cultural and identity itinerary, a journey of research of the memory that takes the Milanese and tourists out of the center, to show the history and curiosities of the city and its suburbs known.

These beautiful works of art are huge and signed by the local collective Orticalnoodles which has now become one of the most famous protagonists of Italian street art. This tour will allow you discover a Milan that you don't expect, it will show you curiosity about a little-known neighbourhood and above all, it will let you discover the history through wonderful and unique murals. We created this together with Elena Stafano aka “Milano Sguardi Inediti”, a Milanese blogger passionate about street art that has now become a reference point for many Milanese looking for information and routes out of the usual tours. You can visit the Ortica district together with your teammates, putting yourself on the line and answering the quiz questions. You will be able to photograph the most intriguing places and take roads that are not normally frequented by tourists. A hunt for the most secret and playful treasures of a beautiful city that is very often unknown and undervalued from an artistic point of view. Involve your friends and participate with your team: the goal is to win the most futuristic treasure hunt in Milan! 

Put on some comfortable shoes: you'll have to walk. With a camera or smartphone immortalize the beautiful murals and historical goodies that you will discover during the tour. But above all ... have fun! At the beginning of the tour, you will receive the materials necessary for your hunt: a map with the route, a booklet with the most interesting and curious stories and a bracelet - a symbol of recognition for all the treasure hunters of Milan! At the end of the tour, we will enjoy the sunset in the farmhouse where a complimentary drink is waiting for you. And for those who want to, they can stay and enjoy the atmosphere of this gorgeous spot between music and street food, an initiative that is actually part of the music festival!

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Benches in front of the Teatro Cinema Martinitt

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