The Best of Venice

The Best of Venice

25 EUR

The most complete route for someone who visits Venice for the very first time, suitable for both adults and children.

Длительность: 3  часов
Расстояние : 8 km
Доступно на Italian


Don’ t you have enough time to discover La Serenissima’s most important monuments and history?

Is it the first time you come to Venice and you want to have a complete overview of the city to get your bearings, between calli and campielli?

Let our map guide you and discover La Serenissima’s treasures.

You’ll start from the Ferrovia, easy to reach if you arrive by train, car or public transport. From here an intense and varied route will take you to famous places like the Ghetto, the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square and as well lesser known spots and secret corners.

We’ve created this tour for you to be able to see everything Venice has to offer: its fondamenta that follow silent canals, its palaces with their elegant façades, its animated calli, its monuments which bear witness to its historical events.

As always, you’ll find information and facts about arts, history and architecture and as well as anecdotes and curiosities to get to know this amazing city better.


Everybody can participate to this tour, as well as to all our other tours, both adults and children. You’ll learn a lot useful and interesting stuff by playing this enthralling and fascinating game.


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Santa Lucia railway station


Piazza San Marco

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Длительность: 3 часов

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Длительность: 3 часов