Corso Garibaldi

Corso Garibaldi

25 EUR

With this tour, you will discover the hidden treasures of Corso Como, Corso Garibaldi, and the Brera district, finishing in Piazza Duomo.

Duration: 3  hours
Distance : 5.5 km
Available in English, Italian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • Fun and interactive experience
  • 100% off the traditional tourist path
  • The new, modern part of the city compared to the historical
  • Secret streets and fashion hotspots
  • The highlights and hidden gems the Brera district


This route is full of diverse and intriguing areas that will give you an idea of what Milan was like in the time of the Visconti family, or when the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Garibaldi, and Mozart walked these streets. 

You will discover how the Brera district came about, as it was originally just a grassy field (can you imagine?). It has gone from being the meeting place of bohemian artists to one of the most vibrant and refined cultural centers in Milan. Today, it has still retained a sense of the past with its bewildering alleyways and historical buildings, reminiscent of another time. 

Did you know:

  • That in 1482, Leonardo da Vinci sent his curriculum vitae to Ludovico il Moro looking for a job? Just like we do today! 
  • That both the logo of Alfa Romeo and Inter Milan have a common medieval root? 
  • That Brera was originally the ‘red light’ district of Milan?

These are just some of the interesting facts you will discover during the Corso Garibaldi Tour Quiz. At the end of the tour you will see and understand how all the facts and history you will learn about link together, giving you a new and enlightened perspective of Milan. You will learn about the genius architects and other famous figures that helped shape the Milan you see today and what makes it so special and unique.

Best of all, you will get to uncover and discover a new city in the best way possible - with your friends and family. Yes! This tour quiz is also perfect for children, who are perhaps the best treasure hunters of us all?

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Meeting point

Piazza Gae Aulenti, 4 (in front of Tesla store)

Finishing point

Piazza del Duomo

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