Corso di Porta Ticinese

Corso di Porta Ticinese

25 EUR

This tour quiz will allow you to take a journey through time, discovering the hidden beauties of one of the most visited areas of the city.

Duration: 3  hours
Distance : 4 km
Available in English, Italian, Russian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • Fun and interactive experience
  • 100% off the traditional tourist path
  • From the historical centre to the most lively area in Milan
  • Beautiful churches
  • Unknown corners and streets


Is Milan worth visiting, I hear you ask? Absolutely! If you are wondering what is do in Milano, with our Corso di Porta Ticinese tour, you will discover where the most glamorous and hidden shop windows of Via Torino and admire the beauties of a city rich in history. 

This tour quiz will allow you to take a journey through time, discovering the hidden treasures of one of the most popular areas of the city. Between the shops and clubs, there are churches and palaces that are an integral part of the history of Milan.

Did you know:

  • That largo Carrobbio was the original boundary of the ancient city of Mediolanum (Milan) during the Roman time? It was quite a lot smaller in size back then...

  • It was in this area that there was the first serial killer in Milan?

With this itinerary, you will stroll through historic churches, palaces, and museums, visit archaeological remains from the Roman times and admire modern street art murals.

You will discover one of the oldest cinemas in Italy, the Central Cinema, which was born in 1907 and only had two rooms in an era where the term "multiplex" did not even exist! The winner of this tour quiz will win free tickets to a show of their choice.

To finish the tour you will arrive at the Darsena, which was redeveloped and polished up for the 2015 Expo and which is very close to the Navigli. Just a few more steps and you’re ready to enjoy an aperitif!

Dress up for the evening if you like, but wear comfortable shoes - the Corso di Porta Ticinese tour quiz takes at least a couple of hours of exploration on foot.

See for yourselves that Milan IS worth visiting, and you'll never ask yourself what to do in Milano again! Bring your friends, your family or your work colleagues and have fun! As long as you have a sense of adventure and a desire to discover new things then you will love it! Bring your camera along, and capture a truly memorable day together.

Our tours are fun and interactive. We start you off at the beginning of the tour quiz with a guidebook and a map to set you on your way! From here you will start the tour, following the map and reading the guidebook as you go as well as answering to questions or completing the activities on the way!

You can take an easy pace or complete it as quickly as you want! At the end of the tour we will meet you and reward to winners, depending on how many groups are participating. This is a great way to get a know a city like a local, to learn about a city and because it is so interactive it keeps you on your toes!

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Starting point

Piazza del Duomo, 8 (Museo del Novecento, stairs)

Finishing point


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