Corso Venezia

Corso Venezia

25 EUR

Do you want to discover the secrets of Porta Venezia, an area of elegance, fashion and where you can easily slips away from the tourists and discover hidden spots? Here is the Milan tour that's right for you.

Duration: 3  hours
Distance : 5.1 km
Available in English, Italian

This is what makes this tour unique

  • Hidden gardens and famous flamingos
  • Fun and interactive experience
  • 100% off the traditional tourist path
  • Best examples of Art Nouveau architecture
  • Fashion district
  • What is known as the 'silent' district
  • Special kids version is available on request!


What do you know about Milan? Tours are the perfect way to get to know a city, especially our tour quizzes!

Starting in the heart of Milan, the Piazza Duomo, our tour will guide you through one of the most beautiful and famous areas of this city, showing it to you in a new light. You will pass through the central and most elegant districts, discovering new along the way.

  • Did you know that the typical Milanese green water fountains that are all around the city,  are called by the Milanese ‘vedovella’ (widow) or ‘Drago Verde’ (green dragon) and that the oldest in Milan is in Piazza della Scala?
  • Did you know that in this area, a flock of flamingos has taken residence in a backyard for the last 30 years?
  • That Milan was once a city of canals, similar to Venice?

These are just some of the curiosities of the Milanese history that you can discover by taking the Corso Venezia tour quiz. You learn the secret stories of well-known places, as well the beautiful and hidden corners of this part of the city, of which it is abundant in.

You will come across Art Nouveau buildings and wonderful villas gardens, as well as palaces, and churches of every era and style. These buildings have witnessed many events that have changed history in Milan, if not in the whole of Italy!

You can visit this area of Milan with your teammates, joining our game and answering the quiz questions. You will be able to photograph the most stunning sites and take streets that are off the tourists’ beaten path. A hunt for the unknown treasures of a beautiful city that is often underestimated from an artistic point of view.

The tour of Corso Venezia is also ideal for children, there are parks, animals, and sculptures that seem to come from the world of fairytales.

Join an X Milan tour, which are are fun and interactive. We start you of at the beginning of the tour quiz with a guidebook and a map to set you on your way! From here you will start the tour, following the map and reading the guidebook as you go as well as answering to questions or completing the activities on the way!

You can take and easy pace or complete it as quickly as you want! At the end of the tour we will meet you and reward to winners, depending on how many groups are participating. This is a great way to get a know a city like a local, to learn about a city and because it is so interactive it keeps you on your toes!

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Starting point

Piazza del Duomo, 8 (Museo del Novecento, stairs)

Finishing point

Palestro Gardens (Palestro / Corso Venezia M1)

About the tour