Smart tour: discover Milan with your smartphone

Smart tour: discover Milan with your smartphone


Explore Milan and discover hidden spots in a safe and fun way with an interactive smart tour on your smartphone.

Длительность: 2.5  часов
Расстояние : 5 km
Доступно на English, Italian, Russian


Starting in the heart of Milan, the Piazza Duomo, our tour will guide you through one of the most beautiful and famous areas of this city, showing it to you in a new light. You will pass through the central and most elegant districts, discovering new along the way.

  • Did you know that the typical Milanese green water fountains that are all around the city,  are called by the Milanese ‘vedovella’ (widow) or ‘Drago Verde’ (green dragon) and that the oldest in Milan is in Piazza della Scala?
  • Did you know that in this area, a flock of flamingos has taken residence in a backyard for the last 30 years?

These are just some of the curiosities of the Milanese history that you can discover by taking the Corso Venezia tour quiz. You learn the secret stories of well-known places, as well the beautiful and hidden corners of this part of the city, of which it is abundant in.

You will come across Art Nouveau buildings and wonderful villas gardens, as well as palaces, and churches of every era and style. These buildings have witnessed many events that have changed history in Milan, if not in the whole of Italy!

How it works.

This digital quiz tour is fun and interactive, and it's also full of history and art, unlike usual city games. You will get the map of the route and the access to the game via email. The quiz tour starts from Piazza Duomo, and you will discover the city on your own following the map and reading the guidebook as you go as well as answering questions or completing the activities on the way!

You can take an easy pace or complete it as quickly as you want, that's the coolest thing about it! At the end of the quiz tour, you will also get some amazing tips that will help you to discover even more about the city. 

*This is a completely digital version of the quiz tour which you can do any time you want. The only thing you need is your mobile phone and internet access. You will get a confirmation right after the booking while the link to the tour will be sent to your email address the same day of the tour. The standard time (16:00) is just advice. Please put the time you prefer to start in the comment box when booking.*

The price is for the team. The maximum number of participants is 5 persons. 

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Piazza Duomo


Giardini di Palestro (Palestro / Corso Venezia M1)

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