Milan: the city of the future

Milan can easily be called the most cosmopolitan city in Italy. As you walk through any street, park or square, you can hear young people who speak different languages, see people of different ethnicities and certainly breathe an international air. The modernity of this city is not only in this variety of traditions and cultures, but also in the architecture and areas that are born and develop year after year. Milan is constantly evolving, it never stops!

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If you have time to visit Milan, we recommend that you take a tour not only to the historic center, but also to these modern parts of the city because they are truly amazing!

In the last few years between the Isola and the CityLife Districts we ​​can see how the city is literally going up, skyscraper after skyscraper showing modernity and innovation also from the environmental point of view. For these revolutionary projects, architects from all over the world have worked here, from Stefano Boeri for the Vertical Forest to Hadid, Isozaki and many others for the CityLife District. So we have to be proud of these excellences that enrich the city even more and bring a touch of freshness!

The extremely new part and in some points still under construction is precisely that of the CityLife District, famous for its Three Towers: Lo Storto, Il Dritto and Il Curvo (whose construction will end in 2020). These towers show a magnificent original and innovative architecture, as are all the other structures visible in this neighborhood.

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Have you ever seen a sculpture so rich in colors and combinations? This is the work of a Cameroonian artist and is titled "Coloris", it is very tied to the African territory and wants to remember its colors. Precisely for what we said at the beginning of our talk, the city receives cues from characters of different cultures also as regards the works of art and the architectures that are made by people from various countries.

We should take a minute also thinking about how much environmental concern matters to Milan, despite being one of the most polluted cities in Italy. It must be said, however, that in recent years we have been trying to find architectural solutions to try to solve this problem or at least to face it in some way. One of these is the Vertical Forest, a stupendous work that combines the modernity of its structure and the green of the many plants that cover it, in 2015 it was also declared the best architecture in the world! We also talked about it specifically in one of the articles of our Blog, give it a look to learn more!

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Other green spaces to mention are certainly The Library of Trees and the Shared Garden "Pepe Verde" that unite people and interests and focus on the concept of sustainability and collaboration. There are initiatives related not only to the cultivation of the vegetable garden but also to the exchange of books or flea markets. The Tree Library is a green oasis in the midst of skyscrapers and modern structures. Here you can find some peace after a walk or a long day, you can lie down among these "green rooms" that are created among trees from all over the world. The project will take place completely in 30-50 years, when the trees will be grown and create an even more magical effect.

X City Tours loves this beautiful part of the city in fact one of our Tour explores its skyscrapers and explores the entire CityLife and Isola area, if you're curious, find all the information here!

In short, we think that Milan is really the city of the future, always evolving and moving! Do you agree?

Written by Clara Redaelli