Aperitivo Time

Aperitivo Time - now this blog post is for all the newbie's to Milan and to Italian culture. Let’s call it ‘Aperitivo for Dummies’, because we have all been there, asking the question ‘What is an aperitivo?’. Now, just judge the people who ask that question too harshly, as this is a very european, italian cultural thing, and unless you’ve been here before or studied Italian culture, it is very unlikely you know 1) What it is and 2) How to tell if it’s a) good quality b) good price. So here is our little guide for you!

Firstly, the idea of an aperitivo can vary depending on where you are in Italy, and the kind of restaurant you go too.

Milan is especially famous for its buffet style Aperitivo, which then spread all around Italy! You can buy a drink and get as much food as you want, all for around 10€! This is a normal price to pay for decent place with good food and drinks. They can be more expensive at about 12€-15€, or cheaper, around 6€ which is less food or just some niddle brought out to you. Be careful though! If you order more than one drink within the Aperitivo time, you will be paying the same price twice, so while 10€ is great for one drink and a buffet, it’s less so for 2 drinks and the same buffet, especially if you’re on a budget. This is how they make their money - you’ve been warned!

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In some places, or the south, aperitivo tends to just be a few nibbles brought out with you drink, some crisps, olives, peanuts or toasted corn, or some bits of focaccia with meats and cheeses, which can sometimes be exactly what you want and it doesn’t cost anymore!

Aperitivo is a great thing to do after work with your colleagues, or to meet friends after work! When you are first introduced to this concept, it can take a while to get used to it, and this often involves eating WAY too much food, but after awhile you get the hang of it. We think though, after some time in Italy, you start prefer an Aperitivo that has less food, but better quality.

One of the most famous places in Milan to have an Aperitivo is on Navigli, join us on our Tour Quiz there!

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Written by Daisy Spanton