“Elegant, alive, modern”: that's Milan for Blogger Anna Pernice

For the second appointment of our interviews on our favorite bloggers we chose Anna Pernice, who tells her passions for travel on her Blog Travel Fashion Tips. As you can imagine from the name of the Blog, travel is at the center of her favorite themes, but she also deals with fashion, food and lifestyle pills.

Here are the answers to the curiosities about her, her work and her connection with us.

How, when and why was the idea of ​​your Blog born?

“My blog was born in 2013 almost for fun. I always liked writing e traveling, at the time I worked in a company and took care of their blog. This gave me the idea to open my own space on the web to share my passions. The blog in a few years is grown a lot and a little at a time from a simple hobby has become my job."

How did you hear about our tours and what did you like about that experience?

“I met X Milan on a network tour and took part in two tours around Milan. I found them very funny and interesting because they allowed me to discover anecdotes and details that I did not know, making me appreciate the city of Milan even more. "

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What do you think of Milan?

“Milan is my adopted city and I can't help but love it. It is a beautiful city, with so much history and culture and I think it is the most European city in Italy, it’s a very meritocratic city as well. "

If you had to describe Milan with three words which would you use?

"Elegant, alive, modern"

What is your favorite place in Milan?

“My favorite place in Milan is Navigli. I like to walk along Corso di Porta Ticinese, admiring the sunset and stop for an aperitif. "

As we asked Elena Stafano in the last interview , we ask you to ask a question to the next blogger we are going to interview and her curiosity is: what traveling means to you?