What to do in Rome: treasure hunt in Ghetto & Trastevere

Are you planning a trip to the Eternal City? If you are thinking about what to do in Rome I’m here to give you a nice idea. How many times going to Rome were we enchanted by the beauty and charm of the streets, by its timeless appearance and its magical atmosphere? Walking through the streets of the city it is impossible not to be in love with it, but how many know the history of the neighborhoods that are inside it? We don't always pay attention to those little things that are around the corner or under our feet, and maybe we get close to it without pausing and knowing what they represent. Often they symbolize important facts, anniversaries or events of a past that has forever marked the history of the city. The treasure hunt in Rome of X City Tours will help you notice these details!

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The first quiz tour in Rome is a journey between two very important neighborhoods of the city: Ghetto and Trastevere . Two different parts with an important story to tell in both cases. It starts from the center of Rome and ends in Trastevere, passing through the Ponte Fabricio and the Tiber island through the Tiber, which divides or unites, according to the point of view, the two neighborhoods.

If you have a free afternoon and the desire to have a new and fun experience, and you’re wondering what to do in Rome, the quiz tour in the Ghetto and Trastevere area is your solution! With this route, you have the opportunity to learn more about anecdotes and curiosities about these two symbolic parts of the city by making a treasure hunt in Rome. In addition to the standard quiz that are proposed at each stage of the journey, there is an additional puzzle to be solved. At the beginning of the tour, a love letter is given to visitors between two anonymous lovers, the game is to catch the clues found in the booklet (part of the kit provided at the beginning of the tour) and find out who these two mysterious characters are. You have to know how to catch the suggestions between the lines but the mystery brings that little bit more fun and the story between these two lovers is truly fascinating!

Going back to the initial concept ... how many times have we missed some wonders or simply something that would have deserved more attention?

An example may be the stumbling blocks, in Rome the most famous ones are in Via Della Reginella, in the heart of the Ghetto district, the neighborhood where the Jews lived. Here, in this street, stumbling blocks were placed to commemorate the victims of Nazism who lived right here and who were deported. Who knows how many tourists or passersby came close without realizing the importance of what was on the ground! We wanted to dedicate a stop to this route and these commemorative stones.

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As in this case, also for all the other stages there has been a research work attentive to detail to emphasize those places that often not even the Romans know. Do you know which is the oldest bridge in Rome? Do you know the history of the Tiber Island and its particular shape? What is the building that inspired the magnificent Colosseum? These are just some of the questions that will be answered with our treasure hunt in Rome!

For this first treasure hunt in Rome we had the participation of some locals, people who have lived there for years and who at the end of the journey confessed that they had discovered corners and information that they had not known until then!

For us this means reaching our goal and we are very happy! Marina, in her Blog Maraina in viaggio gave some clues and information on what this treasure hunt proposes in Rome, as well as Alessia in Diario di quella ragazza!

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Many of them told in their blogs how the day went and what they discovered during the journey. For example, Elisa, who participated with the team "The Four Ninja Turtles", spoke about us in Vivendo a Piedi nudi, also Arianna on the Blog Ghigliottina and Paola in Il nastro di Raso.

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We hope to see you soon for a treasure hunt in Rome!

Written by Clara Redaelli