Our 10 favorites viewpoints in Milan

When we travel, one of the most common things we do before going is to google ‘best places to visit’ are hook up with every tourist hotspot. Today, we are adding yet another list to the internet, but with more specific and unusual perspective...

Seeing a city from above is something magical. Seeing the houses, buildings and monuments, so small below you, you feel a little bigger and you can actually see them better and study them a little more.

Our favorites 10:

1. The terrace of the Duomo. The best place to feel at the center of the city. Famous throughout the world, the Duomo is fascinating and rich in its history and from here you have a priceless view and the opportunity to see the whole city and its evolution. You can see both the historic center and the oldest part of the city, and the new city with its skyscrapers and modern architecture. The spires of the cathedral have never been so close!

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2. The terrace of the Rinascente. Right next to the Duomo is this beautiful terrace from which you can admire the details of the cathedral that are impossible to see so well from the bottom. What's better than an aperitif with a view of the Duomo?

3. Foot bridge of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Here you will have a panoramic view of the city and you will be able to see up close not just the dome of the Galleria but also the Duomo. If you see it in the evening, it shines like a diamond!

4. The museum of 20th century art (Museo del Novecento). On the top floor of the museum there is a beautiful view of the Piazza Duomo which offers an artistic perspective with its enormous stained glass window and the work of Lucio Fontana that adds a touch of modernity.

5. Inside the Sempione Park, there is a panoramic point that will surprise you! Torre Branca was designed by Giò Ponti in 1933, today it is known for its view of the park and the city, from there you can see the Arco della Pace and other monuments and symbols of Milan.

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6. If you want to enjoy the view while drinking a glass of wine or eating something, then we recommend the panoramic view from the Terrace of the Triennale. The design museum restaurant offers a great view of the newest part of the city that can be seen among the trees of Parco Sempione.

7. The Unicredit Tower. From here Milan is really at your feet. The 231 meters of height allows you to see the city at 360 degrees, you can have fun looking for all the most important monuments of Milan and recognize the main streets and roads.

8. For fans of the Garibaldi area and the more modern Milan, we recommend going to Corso Como 10. There, there is a beautiful terrace from which you can see the Unicredit Tower and, especially in the evening, the atmosphere is magical.

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For the last two viewpoints from which to see Milan, we decided to recommend places that are not exactly in the city, a little off and more often unknown.

The first is Monte Stella, also called Montagnetta di San Siro. From here, you can enjoy the view of the city while remaining immersed in the green of this little hill and the gardens that surround it.

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Outside Milan instead, more precisly in Brianza, there is a beautiful and perfect place for a trip out of town: Montevecchia. Romantic and evocative, when the days are fine and the air is clear, you can see Milan and its skyline even at almost 40 km away. It is a wonderful vantage point that few people in Milan know!

Written by Daisy Spanton

A special thanks for photos to Corso Como 10 and Alessia Beretta (photo from Montevecchia)