Things to do in Milan - Summer Lovin’ vibes

Looking for things to do in Milan in summer? The summer months are glorious but also extremely… well hot. A popular way to spend the day in Milan is to escape the heat by heading to a Lido or outdoor pool. Here we will share with you the best Lidos in Milan!

Most people underestimate just how hot and humid it gets in Milan in summer… you get sweaty and hot and bothered very easily unless you spend all day in an air-conditioned apartment and restaurant... But come on, you’re in Milan, you need to see the city!

One of the nicest things to do in Milan and the best way to start your day is to cool off by visiting one of Milan’s outdoor swimming pools. You can have a nice an easy morning enjoying the sun and having a swim before heading off to do an activity later on in the day, like one of our XCity daily Best of Milan tours or one of our weekend tours, which all start at 17.00 during the summer to miss those powerful sun rays.

Here we have a list of some of the best, an idea of prices and what you need to swim - you see in Italy you have to wear a swimming cap to enter the pool! So bring one with you, buy one at the pool or buy one at decathlon, the funny little stretchy fabric ones will do the job. Milanosport Lido’s cost about 8€ for a full day, and other pools prices vary.

Of course don’t forget sunscreen, a sunhat and water if you’re planning to spend a long time there!

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A personal favourite is the Milanosport Lido located at Lotto on the red/purple metro line. It’s a huge pool with areas away from the pool to hang out at and have picnics and you can sit and sunbath around edges of the pool. We recommend getting there a little early if you want to secure a good spot with a little shade.

One of the most beautiful pools is Bagni Misteriosi where, if you go in the evening, you can also enjoy an aperitif. Definitely one of the most popular and visually pleasing pools, it is worth a visit. The price changes depending on the time of day and month, so check before you go to make the most of your money (for example, we went in June at 4pm, it was 15€ to stay until 6pm and 20€ to stay until 10pm. Three days the later the prices were more like 7€).

Slightly outside Milan is located Idroscalo a huge artificial lake that was originally constructed as a seaplane airport when seaplanes where very popular. After popularity declined it was then used for recreational water sports and now it is also used for swimming and people go and spend a day lying on the shores, enjoying the atmosphere and almost natural feeling lake. Accessible on public transport, it is located on the other side to Milan of Linate airport.

Another pool slightly outside Milan is Acquaworld. This pool is a great day out, with water slides, pools, a wave machine and an area for adults with spas. There’s a restaurant but we suggest you take your own food especially if you have any dietary restrictions like being vegan or gluten-free.

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And lastly,Milanosport - Centro Balneare Argelati is a great spot the cool off. It’s located right next to the Navigli Grande, and has some nice shady spots around the outside so you’re not in the sun all day. The little bar also does Crema di Caffe which is a delicious kind of frozen coffee, half ice cream, half slushy - and even if coffee isn’t your thing, it’s still delicious!

Written by Daisy Spanton